I see a lot of people, especially developers, struggling with how to present their projects in a portfolio. There is really no reason to overthink it though. As long as you use a nice font, plenty of white space, and borrow some layout and color scheme ideas from someone else who knows what they are doing, you will have a pretty good-looking portfolio.

The portfolios on this list aren't too fancy and aren't too plain. I picked them because they are readable, well-laid-out, and, for the most part, use good accessibility practices.

  1. TheJaredWilcurt
The Jared Wilcurt
Developer Portfolio of The Jared Wilcurt

2. Jake Wharton

Blog posts, presentations, GitHub, and more.

3. Matt Farley

4. Ben Adam

Ben Adam
Design & Developer in Tempe Arizona

5. Timmy O'Mahony

Timmy O’Mahony | Full-Stack Web & Software Development
Hey, I\’m a software developer. I can help you build your next product.

Extra credit student portfolios:

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