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Q: What are your thoughts on Google Cloud?

A: My experience lies mostly with AWS, but Google Cloud has a lot of services and competitive pricing. I can say that their AI products seem to be the most advanced and the I like the cloud functions (serverless). Other than that, I recommend checking out the DevOps directive and asking these types of cloud questions there. :)

Q: Is Vue 3 too different from Vue 2? For someone who used these resources a few years ago, will it be confusing?

A: No, it is not that different. The way you most build applications is essentially the same. Typescript and enterprise users will see the biggest changes in how they develop Vue apps, but most other users will not notice much of a difference.

Q: Vue JS Roadmap?

A: Right now, the Vue core team is working hard on updating all the core libraries like Vuex and Vue Router to be fully compatible with Vue 3 (they are already, but only in beta versions). They are also working on releasing a migration build for Vue 3 so people can more easily upgrade.

Q: Have you had security related issues with GraphQL?

A: Not any more than using REST endpoints. You can use token auth or other types of auth the same way that you do in other applications. There is always the concern that you might give access to too much data in GraphQL by mistake, but that can easily be managed by whatever GraphQL library you are using on your back-end, like Graphene-Django.

Q: How to choose between short polling, long polling, server started events, websockets or push mechanism?

A: There is too much being asked here for a simple Q&A so I added this topic to my future articles list where I can write a more detailed explanation.