Hey everyone, how's it going?

Can you believe December is right around the corner? Winter is definitely arriving, and the cats are getting more and more snugly.

Let's have a chat about GitHub today. As developers, we are probably already all using this platform to collaborate with other devs and create awesome projects around the globe.

With some of the recent update over the last few years, GitHub has also become the easiest way to create a maintainable professional portfolio. Just a few years ago, the standard way to market yourself as a developer used to be to build a custom portfolio that had to look clean, contain all your information and projects, and be usually be hosted on a self-hosting platform. As I mention in my book, "Learn to Code. Get a Job.", GitHub's new features like allowing a README, pinning projects, and showing your coding history along with other details all on the same page make it much easier to build a portfolio and maintain it over time. So many portfolio's get out of date over the years, but, if you just use Github as your main portfolio, it will automatically stay up to date with what you are currently working on. It's also easy to update with a few clicks in their interface.

If you want to take a look at how I have my Github page setup, you can see it here: https://github.com/gwenf
And here is the self-named repo that gives me the custom README at the top of my profile page: https://github.com/gwenf/gwenf

If you're not that confident with your Github or Git skills yet, there's nothing to worry about :) It's all about the practice and there are tons of great content to learn from out there, in fact, here are some of my YouTube tutorials on it:

Git and GitHub for Beginners - Crash Course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGOj5yH7evk
Git Forking & Fetch: How to Keep your Fork in Sync with an Upstream Repository: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deEYHVpE1c8

I also streamed a Fast API Python project over on my Twitch channel this morning. Join my Discord to get notified when I am going to go live :D
I am planning on streaming again this Friday!

Hope you guys have a good day and enjoy your time with family if you are celebrating the holidays this week!
- Gwen