Hi everyone, how's it going?

Last week was filled with (positive) challenges and accomplishments :B I got to present my talk on blockchain at the Python Web Conference and also publish an article at realtoughcandy!

You can check out my repo from the talk here (will be posting the video as soon as it's available!): https://github.com/gwenf/build-a-blockchain

And my article here: https://realtoughcandy.com/gwen-faraday-interview/

One major practice that allows me to accomplish what I've accomplished is working on my focus and productivity skills. As someone who has anxiety and other mental health diagnosis, I find important to practice and try out these skills through different methods & have seen such a positive outcome on my personal and professional growth :)

Okay, now let's get to business! What are some focus & productive methods that YOU can also use to help you step up your coding game?

I'll introduce two different strategies that I've been using and loving:

  1. Pomodoro Method: If you're someone who struggles with distractions while coding, this is a great option for you. The Pomodoro Method is quite popular among self-learners, and rightfully so! It basically works as a timer technique between 25 minutes of focused time and 5-minute breaks. Setting timers like that just simply works, research shows that if you don't feel like doing something, you can start a timer & you're much more likely to complete that task.
  2. Spaced Repetition Learning: do you catch yourself not remembering what you just learned or having to relearn a topic over and over again? Well, welcome to coding! Googling is natural (& essentialツ)  in our field of study, and there is * no * shame on it. BUT you can learn with intention & safe you some time in the future, and that's one reason why I love using spaced repetition learning. This is a learning technique based on digital flashcards that will show you topics you're struggling the most with, and increasingly show less from the ones you've already learned. Here are three programs I recommend using:

What are some of your learning methods to stay focused while coding? Let me know all about it on Discord!