Hi everyone.

I know it's been two weeks since my last 'weekly' update. I'm trying to balance my time spent on content creations versus working. I finished up season one of the podcast and am working on more different kinds of content for my YouTube channel now.

Also, I started a subreddit for Faraday Academy! I had to name it FaradayTechCafe because Faraday Academy was already taken... Join me and lets chat about coding, tech, etc.

New Content

Upcoming Content

  • New Python livestream today at 4 pm EDT on the Faraday Academy YouTube Channel
  • New Vue.js video coming out on Monday

Connect with Me

I've been working on growing on other platforms as well. If you are on any of these, check out my profiles there!

This is a book I picked up again this week after several years. I forgot how good it is!

  1. Grokking Algorithms, An illustrated guide for programmers and other curious people - Best algorithms book I have ever found! Get it from Amazon or directly from Manning Publications.

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Have a great week!