Hi everyone, how's it going?

As a late gift for 2021, this week I will be sharing a Fast API introduction with you guys!

If you're not familiar with FastAPI, it is a high performance, asynchronous Python framework with tons of tools to allow you to build web apps and APIs. My video intro will be a great opportunity for you to dive into this new framework! The video is completed, just doing some finishing touches :) It will be posted on another YouTuber's channel so follow me on Twitter or join my Discord to make sure you get notified when it goes live.

If you have any days off or extra learning time, I challenge you to try out Fast API in a small project. Be sure to join my Discord server and let me know your thoughts about the framework and if you have any questions: https://discord.gg/FYbdFHq

As an additional note, I have been doing some planning and re-organization of my digital life to prepare for a clean start next year. One thing that I am focusing on is taking better notes and organizing them, so they are more useful to me. I use Obsidian as my primary note-taking tool, and I already have an ok system of linking and navigating around notes. To get some ideas about how I can improve in this area, I watched this 4-hour video from fellow YouTuber Bryan Jenks, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wB89lJs5A3s. It gave me so many new ideas for upgrading my workflow! He also has a ton of other videos about similar topics on his channel. I hope you enjoy it :) I love talking about productivity, so I'd love to hear any more suggestions you have. The best way to reach me is always through Discord btw.

Hope you guys enjoy the end of the year and let me know in our Discord chat some of your most proud accomplishments as a developer during 2021! (and what you are planning for the next year!)

Discord server join link: https://discord.gg/FYbdFHq

Happy New Year,
- Gwen