Hi guys! How are you all doing?

Who also loves a Python challenge out here? A few months ago, I streamed a whole series of short Python projects based on FreeCodeCamp's Python Challenges and had so much fun working on it!

This is the perfect series if you're looking to scale up your Python skills or work on a fun project during your free time, and the best part is that all projects take less than 02:30 hours to finish.

Here's the link to the series:

FreeCodeCamp Python Challenges
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Expect to learn how to build a:

  • Time calculator
  • Budget app
  • Polygon area calculator
  • Arithmetic formatter
  • Probability calculator

Let me know what you think in our Discord chat!

I will be doing more freeCodeCamp challenges soon as well (expect to be tackling some of the expanded curriculum, hehe).

Have a good week,