Hey, guys :)

I hope you had a good start of your week!

Here's what's coming up at Faraday Academy:

  • EVERYDAY: I'll be checking our Discord chat and interacting with you guys this whole week, so make sure you're part of our community here! And there's also some Youtube videos on the way!!
  • MONDAY: I'd love to hear your input in my next stream this weekend! I'm thinking of a Python one. If you have any frameworks or app suggestions send me a message in any of my social medias and I'd be happy to give it a go!
  • THURSDAY: For my Vuers out there, there's another #Vuejs stream coming out this week! Join me at 10am EDT on Twitch and let's code!
  • SUNDAY: Join me on Twitch for another awesome Sunday Night Python stream at 8pm EDT!

Past Week

That's it for the week, hope we get to code together and learn something new! You can also connect with me via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see some interesting web developing content every day. Make sure to join our Discord chat as well, I’m actively online chatting with our community and answering any questions you may have there!

Have a good week!

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