Hey, guys!

We have reached over 6K subscribers! Can you believe that?!

Thank you all so much for your support and for being so interactive on the channel! 2020 is sure flying by; isn't it crazy how we are already in the end of July? Check out what's coming up this week at Faraday Academy, and all the new content you guys from this past week.

This Week

  • WEDNESDAY: A Vue.js Nuxt Application Development livestream on my Twitch channel (1oam EDT)!! Join me live so we can chat and I can answer any questions you have on the way.
  • FRIDAY: Vue.js project livestreams at @freeCodeCampā€™s Youtube channel (10am ET). Last week, we learned how to create a pomodoro clock using Vue.js.
  • SUNDAY: Hackathon project livestreams on my Twitch channel!

And keep an eye out for my Youtube channel; I will also upload some short videos with new contents for you guys!

Past Week

Check out all these fresh contents from this past week. We:

Again, thank you all for your support and the 6K!!!

You can connect with me via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see some interesting web developing content everyday, and a little bit of my (feline) coworkers as well (I'm also a foster mom and many of the kittens are up for adoption!!). Make sure to join our Discord chat as well, Iā€™m actively online chatting with our community and answering any questions you might have there!

Have a wonderful week!