Hi guys!

Hope all is well :)

I will keep you updated every Monday on what’s going on during the week here, and tell you some exciting news that are about to come!

New Content

  • Every Wednesday morning I’ll be doing a livestream on my youtube channel and continue our ongoing projects! Make sure to join me live so we can chat and I can answer any questions you might have on the way.
  • The @freeCodeCamp has also invited me to join their channel every Friday, so you can find me there streaming new Vue.js projects weekly.
  • Something new and exciting!! I’ll also start streaming videos on my Twitch channel every Sunday now.
  • And as always, I have tons of new content from these last weeks that you can go check out on my channel at any moment :)

I’ve also been getting more active on my other social media platforms! You can connect with me via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see some interesting web developing content everyday, and a little bit of my (feline) coworkers as well. Make sure to join our Discord chat as well, I’m actively online chatting with our community and answering any questions you might have there!

Have a great week guys!