Hi everyone! I am excited for March. I made a new content calendar and I'm going to see how it goes this month. If it works out, I will post it in the future so you can see upcoming content as well.

New Content

  • Started a new microblog series called, Programming Foundations. Check out the first post: "What is OOP?"
  • Lots of new livestreams in the Regex Breakfast series. I'm basically using Vue.js and Vuetify to build an app that teaches people how to use Regex. Check out the whole series here.


I've switched from listening to audio books constantly to mostly podcasts. Here are the two that I've been binging on recently:

  1. Enjoy the Vue - This is a new podcast, centered around Vue.js, JavaScript, and the larger tech community. I've loved every episode so far.
  2. Talk Python to Me - A classic Python podcast that I just picked back up so I have more than a year of episodes to catch up on.

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