I hope you are all safe and healthy. Creating programming content sometimes feels trivial with everything going; people getting sick and the economic crisis. Then again, we are all stuck at home so maybe you are catching up on as much reading and studying as I am.

New Content

Upcoming Content

  • New livestream today at 11 am
  • Podcast episode coming out tomorrow
  • Intro to Git/Github Video Coming Soon
  • New Blog Article, Functional Programming - part 2, on Wednesday
  • And more...

Here is some of the content I've been consuming this week.

  1. Coding Garden with CJ, YouTube Livestreams -> CJ is one of the livestreamers that I really look up to and have been trying to learn from as I work on making my own livestreams better.
  2. Noopkat is another great livestreamer on Twitch. She does (almost) weekly livestreams at noon on Sundays, plus gives talks and creates other content.

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I hope you stay safe and healthy. Have a great week!