Hi everyone!

I've had a good, productive week with content creation. Still plugging away at a few bigger projects. I think I'm going to quit doing videos where I am talking a lot without coding. They are hard for me to do and I waste a lot of time and footage. I might still record one occasionally, but I'm going to focus on coding videos for now.

I'll also be starting new livestreams series' in two weeks, after the current series ends. New topics will include Python and building and maintaining an open source Vue.js library.

New Content

Podcasts & Books

Here are two of my favorites that I recommend you checking out:

  1. Darknet Diaries - A security and hacking podcast that tells real, vivid stories about the darkside of the internet.
  2. The End of Eternity - A sci-fi book by Isaac Asimov about time travel. I think it's his best stand-alone book and a great way to get started if you are new to Asimov's universe.

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