Hi everyone, how are you doing?

I'll be spending this whole week in Boston for work, so I won't have time to livestream but I thought about doing a Q&A session on YouTube or Instagram!

To celebrate Women's Day this week, here's a Twitter list with some incredible tech-content creators  that I'm so glad to follow:

  • Foo Bar (AWS, Cloud, Serverless)
  • Noopcat (IoT, Hardware, Open Source)
  • Ania Kubów (JavaScript Games, Blockchain)
  • CoderCoder (General Software Topics & tutorials)
  • Sarah Drasner (VueJS, CSS, SVG, Web Animations)
  • Shirley Wu (livecoding)
  • C;L (HashCode)
  • April Speight ( Spatial Computing)

Do you know any other content creators that we should add to the list? Text me about it on Discord!

Hope you guys have a wonderful week!