Hi everyone! I hope you are safe and healthy right now. I'm still in lockdown where I live and using this opportunity to study and upgrade my coding skills.

If you haven't joined my Discord server yet, you should come and chat with us there about coding! I'm on there everyday.

New Content

  • Several livestreams over the past week on my YouTube channel
  • I finished recording some Vue.js tutorials on Scrimba.com! Hopefully, the videos will be published soon :)

Upcoming Content

  • New Python livestream today at 4 pm EDT on the Faraday Academy YouTube Channel
  • New YouTube livestream schedule: Monday at noon, Wednesday 10 am EDT, Friday at 6 pm EDt, and Sunday at 4 pm EDT
  • I will be publishing more Vue.js and Python videos soon.

Connect with Me

I've been working on growing on other platforms as well. If you are on any of these, check out my profiles there!

Have a great week everyone!