Hi there, I hope May has been treating you well so far!

Yesterday I shared my journey with autism and being diagnosed as an adult. Getting the diagnosis and sharing my experience with you all is a huge milestone for me, and I truly appreciate all the kind messages I've been receiving. In case you'd like to read more about my journey, here's the article I posted: https://gwenfaraday.com/autism-journey/

I also started a new YouTube series last week, and huge thanks to all those who joined me live for our first video in the series! This video was my realistic daily routine as a senior developer/ tech lead (without any romanticized "daily routine"nonsense lol), and how I structure my day to get the most out of it while still taking quality time for my physical and mental health. You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGBcvAPYxj8 and let me know what you think about it on Discord!

This new YouTube series will be all about new developers diving into the job market, and I'll work on new videos for it this week :B

Apart from that, I'll also be posting some content on mental health throughout this month (May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and you probably know by now how much I value sharing resources and personal experiences on this topic with you all). Feel free to reach out to our community on our Discord's # Mental Health tab :)  https://discord.gg/3db2maWyEu

I hope you have a wonderful week,