Hey, guys!

Can you believe is November already? This year went on a whole different speed, specially with everything going on.

Anyways, so many updates! Let's start:

  • Thank YOU for the 12k subscribers on Youtube!!
  • Congratulations to Tony, our first Instagram winner on the book giveaway!
  • And that's right, my book version #2 is officially out now. You can find it on Amazon's Kindle, Apple and much more! Check out this link for all available options.

Here's all that's coming up this week at Faraday Academy:

This Week

  • EVERYDAY: I'll be checking our Discord chat and interacting with you guys this whole week, so make sure you're part of our community here! :) And there's also new Youtube videos on the way!!
  • MONDAY: We had a short online book launch on Instagram and a giveaway reveal! I was also at shad sluiter's channel for a #Vue3 colab!
  • THROUGHOUT THE WEEK: This week we'll be having our coding game livestream on my Twitch channel, and an awesome app development stream as well!

Past Week

I've been working and working on the newly released book, and some exciting courses to come. Apart from that, here's some fresh content for you guys:

You can also connect with me via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see some interesting web developing content every day. Make sure to join our Discord chat as well, Iā€™m actively online chatting with our community and answering any questions you may have there!

Have fun this week, and don't forget to code!