Hey, how are you doing?

I haven't streamed much for the last two weeks, because, well, I was sick. I really miss streaming though and I also miss hackathons :') So, join me on Tuesday at 8 am EST on Twitch for a special Vue.js hackathon stream to build a brand new application!

On my YouTube channel, I have been working on a new project dedicated especially to those of you who are trying to decide on a career option in software development. Every week, I will be inviting a new developer to my channel and we’ll be discussing a different area of specialization as a software dev!

You can now check out my “Software Development Career" series on Youtube! There are two videos posted there so far. I have also written a recap with some of the main lessons to take from each interview, you can check them out here on my blog.

This is the right opportunity for you guys to dive into new career options in the tech industry and hopefully find your dream job along the way :)

Coming up this Friday, expect to learn tons about Blockchain Development with our new guest, and feel free to ask questions in the chat along the way.

Have a good week everyone,